The Leonardo of Philadelphia

Auteur : François Mühlberger

Date de sortie : Le 10 janvier 2024

Distributeur : Les Editions de La Traversée, Rue de l’Harmonie 17, 4800 Verviers. Mail : Téléphone : +32 (0)479 32 83 88

Numéro ISBN : 9782960328219

Présentation :

« There is in the Philadelphia Museum of Art a little, not well known, painting that is quite extraordinary. Extraordinary in its originality, quality and accuracy of execution even though it is obviously unfinished. It’s attributed since 1906 to Fra Bartolomeo. With all due respect to the greatest experts who have spoken about this painting and greatly praised it, in my opinion they have unfortunately missed seeing it for what I believe it truly is, an original work by Leonardo Da Vinci. »François Mühlberger, juin 2023

François Mühlberger was born in Verviers (Belgium) in 1976. At the age of sixteen, his French teacher Yves Lejeune introduced him to the work of Magritte and Dali. It was a revelation. He regularly visits his illustrious neighbor André Blavier who talks to him about Raymond Queneau, Maurice Pirenne, René Magritte and Marcel Mariën. He has a degree in history of art from the University of Liège (1999). He specialized in the study of Italian Renaissance painting, with particular attention to the work of Leonardo da Vinci. He has lived in Cordoba (Spain) since 2012. A long-course friendship binds him to Bernard Quickels, his editor and publisher in Verviers.

110 pages, 55 illustrations in color. 14.8 X 21 cm.

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